About Us

CouponMail is a division of CouponPages.

  • CouponMail makes it easy for local merchants to have the same kind of email marketing as the big chains do.
  • With CouponMail, local merchants can build their email lists with very little effort so they can send coupons with just a click.
  • CouponMail combines the two most effective tools for bringing in customers, coupons and email.


CouponMail is a custom service. We spend time with every local merchant to create just the right mix of in-store and online tools to grow their mailing lists. Most of our invitations are issued by local Agents. If you do not have a local agent, you can request an invitation and be placed on our waiting list. Invitations are considered on a first come, first served basis. Use the link at the top of the page to request an invitation.

Setting Up

Instructions for setting up will be here soon... check back later

Using the Promotional Tools

Here's a video that gives you an overview of using the promotional tools.

Sending your Coupons to Your Entire Mailing List

CouponMail lets you send coupons to all of your best customers, with one click.

Once you start using CouponMail customers join your list automatically whenever they request your coupons from your Coupon Page.
  • On their cell phone, right in your store.
  • On their computer or tablet, when they get home.
  • Customers in a hurry can drop off their business card or write their email address on a form you hand out on a clipboard.
    • You don't even have to type them out... just send us the cards and forms in a pre-addressed evelope and we'll type them in for you!

Because you don't have to type anything out yourself, your customers and CouponMail do all the hard work. Your customer email list will grow every single day, without lifting a finger.

That's where the fun starts!

All you have to do is click one button, whenever you want to blast your coupons.
  • In fact, you can just let us know when to send them, and we'll send them for you. It's that easy.